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‘Thorough, clean and professional.’

Arturo Peñalba

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  • Master in Translation and Interpretation (Estudio Sampere): Translation 9.5; Interpretation 7.8.
  • C2 level in English proved by the Cambridge Proficiency in English (CPE).
  • Degree in Audiovisuals at the University Carlos III (Madrid).
  • Course in Translation of Contracts (Cálamo&Cran).
  • Course in Video Games Translation and Localization (Trágora Formación).


I have always translated as a freelance, mainly for agencies but also for direct customers, being videogames and marketing the fields I have most frenquently worked on. You can find a detailed list below:

  • Loki Games - video games localization and their promotions.
  • Terra Translation - working in varied fields such as video games, medical, industrial, contracts etc.
  • Composan Industrial y Tecnología - a direct client dedicated to sports, urban and industrial paving.
  • Translation Backoffice - postediting e-commerce content.
  • Gengo - online platform for translators where work is developed through the website.


Translation services where thorough attention to detail is paid, so that translations adjust to the terminology peculiar to each industry and the orthographic rules.

  • General Translation
  • Video games Localization
  • Marketing Translation
  • Industrial Translation
  • Audiovisual Translation
  • Translation of CVs
  • Other specialised Translation
  • Review (from English to Spanish)


Type Price
General Translation 0.05 cts/word
Video games Localization 0.06 cts/word
Marketing Translation 0.06 cts/word
Industrial Translation 0.06 cts/word
Audiovisual Translation 4 EUR/min.
Translation of CVs 0.06 cts/word
Other specialised Translations * upon request
Review (from English to Spanish) 0.025/word
*These rates are only a guideline and may change depending on the project. ES > EN translations upon request

Arturo has shown his value at both personal and professional level as a hard-working professional, with initiative, good learning skills and commitment with the company in his duties of Industrial translations, translations of Contracts and Sports translations.

Noelia Fernández

HR Manager for Composan Industrial y Tecnología

Arturo has proved to be a perseverant and model student. His commitment to the course has been exceptional, always willing to get involved in all the activities and practices. His performance during the course has been positively reflected in the final test, standing out among his partners. Doubtlessly, his commitment to the fulfilment of the tasks make him an indispensable professional for any project.

Beatriz Ibarra

Coordinator of the translators and interpreters department of Estudio Sampere